Aerial Silks

The Aerial Arts have gone mainstream. No need to run away and join the circus, you can come fly with Bella Forza's Aerialists in our Aerial Silks Workshops. You will build strength, flexibility, improve coordination and hang upside down all with a huge smile. Aerial Silks is core-instensive and enhances upper body strength making it an incredible workout while having fun getting all knotted up!

Our Intro Aerial Workshop includes (4) 45-minute sessions on Tuesday evenings. With only (10) spots in each workshop, this ensures all participants have the best possible results and 1-on-1 time with our Aerialists.

There are three skill levels:

  1. The Beginner Aerial Silks Workshop focuses on basic moves and getting comfortable being suspended in the silks. Students will learn basic standing & inverted knot moves, foot locks and fun combinations that are challenging yet help build strength and comfort on the fabric.
  2. The Intermediate or Advanced Aerial Silks Workshop is open to anyone who has mastered the beginner workshop and been given instructor approval to fly higher by our Aerialists! Everything is fair game in this workshop. Difficult combinations, drops, the hardest strength moves, doubles moves and routine building will challenge all Aerialists to push themselves further and accomplish amazing aerial feats!

Recommended Attire: Tight leggings that cover the back of the knees and tight shirt that will not slide when upside down.
Refund Policy: An in-house credit towards future services will be issued if unable to attend a workshop.