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Active since she learned to walk, Beth Januzzi Underhill enjoyed fitness and sports at an early age. Though she was blessed with boundless energy and a quiet strength from within, Beth’s life has also had its share of challenges. She has waged a lifelong battle with an eating disorder and emerged triumphant. In the late spring of 2015, Beth was diagnosed with cancer. A full hysterectomy, chemotherapy and radiation stared her down in the wake of her diagnosis. She stared back, weary at times but unwavering in her determination to kick cancer’s ass.

Beth deeply understands what it means to be knocked down by disease, by circumstances and by life. She also knows that there is no joy to be had in giving up. That is why Beth’s passion lies in helping women overcome what challenges them and live the best version of themselves.

As a proven entrepreneur and lifelong advocate for women’s fitness and empowerment, Beth has faithfully served her community through her women’s only group fitness facility, Bella Forza Fitness. FitLife represents the next phase of Beth’s journey as a seasoned fitness mentor and champion for women. Her specialized program takes a holistic approach and emphasizes courage, resolve and strength of character. The path to Grace is often paved with Grit – and that is what Beth’s mentoring program is all about.

Trained in strength and conditioning coaching, physique building, nutrition and a variety of group fitness certifications, Beth enjoys offering clients an extraordinary experience with a variety of programming.

Now Beth is also offering one-on-one mentoring and coaching. Her holistic approach includes:

  • Body Image
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning

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When I started ME vs. ME, I was just beginning my second trimester and was trying to figure out the best way to stay fit and strong during pregnancy for both me and the baby. Before becoming pregnant I was used to doing strength training five days a week and adding in some conditioning. However, I was nervous about strength training and honestly couldn't get myself to my regular box gym in the morning to work out. ME v. ME, Beth, and my fellow MEs were just what I needed. Two days a week we had group sessions and then one day each week Beth built a personalized workout aimed at helping me achieve the specific goals I set out at the beginning of the program. The workouts were challenging and I saw results. Beyond that, I have built good exercise habits that will last way beyond the 8-week program. Beth was there encouraging us the entire way and as I got stronger, I was able to hit new personal goals. Not only that but I felt I had a team around me. We were all in it together, pushing each other to get stronger - and we did. It was also comforting to have Beth helping me modify any exercises if needed due to baby. I have never felt stronger, healthier, or better.

- Jackie M.

Beth is energetic, positive and forward thinking! She's brought a concept to Cincinnati of nontraditional or alternative workouts for women. She motivates her clients to think outside of the box of what they traditionally think a workout should be.

- Season O.

Beth is empowering and fun to work with. I have seen results in a very short period of time which is not only exciting but something I have not experienced previously with other workouts. Not only do I see physical improvements, but with her motiviation and encouragement I have gained more self-respect and love for my body.

- Patty