Pole Fitness

Bella Forza's Pole Program focuses on the development of strength and fitness through the use of the pole. Our pole fitness classes are very different than other facilities as we focus less on "dancing" and more on improving technique and working all muscle groups. This program is vigorous and to move from one level to the next each participant must excel at the previous level.

Pole Foundations:

This class is a PREREQUISITE before taking any other pole classes at Bella Forza. This introductory class includes safety, stretching, walking, and 2-3 basic spins which will be incorporated into a short choreographed routine. You are only required to take this class one time, but you can choose to take it a second time. Slim your silhouette, increase your strength, endurance, coordination, confidence and flexibility while having a great time!

Recommended Attire: Shirt and Shorts, no shoes necessary.

Level 2 Spins & Tricks:

This class will sweep you off your feet, literally! You will learn beginner spins, tricks, climbing and perching while developing the strength and basics necessary to move to the next level. Most participants spend approximately 3-6 months in Beginning Spins & Tricks before transitioning to Intermediate Spins & Tricks upon instructor approval.

Recommended Attire: Short shorts and a fitted shirt.
Prerequisite: Pole Foundations

Level 3 Spins & Tricks:

This class will continue to build your strength with more difficult spins, combinations, holds, and inversions always taught with an emphasis on safety, control and strength. This class is for adventurous participants craving a challenge!

Recommended Attire: Short Shorts and a tank top.
Prerequisites: Pole Foundations, Pole-Beginning Spins & Tricks AND Instructor Approval.

Level 4 Spins & Tricks:

This class is for the true pole addict. Advanced tricks and inverts, transitions, holds, drops, combinations and routine-building will be taught with an emphasis on safety, control, and strength.

Prerequisite: Instructor Approval

Sexy Pole:

Adding sizzle to your style, you will be taught a dance routine designed to improve fluidity! This sexy routine will include spins, transitional moves and floorwork. You will learn the details that turn an ordinary routine into a beautiful dance helping to build confidence in your pole skills!

Recommended Attire: Short shorts, fitted shirt, high heels are permitted, but not required.
Prerequisites: Pole Foundations and at least THREE Pole-Beginning Spins & Tricks classes.

Freestyle Pole:

Freestyle Pole is designed to bring out your creative self through improvised pole dancing. This class will emphasize the graceful movements in tricks, spins, transitions and floorwork that will help you to creatively express your pole routines, as well as give you a repertoire for freestyle dance. Students will be performing short freestyle dances in this supportive setting. Please come to class with a few song selections in mind!

Recommended Attire: Shorts shorts, fitted shirt, and feel free to bring your pretty shoes!
Prerequisites: Pole Foundations and at least THREE Pole-Beginning Spins & Tricks classes.

Pole Flexibility:

Every pole princess desires to improve the beautiful lines and extensions of their form in spins and tricks, and the best way accomplish this is to increase one's flexibility! This class will focus on the best stretches for added flexibility in pole dance. We will be using the pole as well as the floor to increase flexibility in the hips, legs, back and shoulders. This class is for serious pole fitness athletes. Stretches are geared mostly toward improving Intermediate and Advanced spins and tricks.

Prerequisities: Pole Foundations at least THREE Pole-Beginning Spins & Tricks classes.